I am a loyal user of Hermès products. In the past 10 years, I have often bought leather products in Hermès stores. Because of Hermès's sales strategy, it is quite hard to buy the birkin or kelly bags, especially the exotic skin products. As we know these products are mostly sell to VIP, even if I am willing to pay extra money for their crafts, belts, scarves , tableware etc. to qualify the purchase for birkin bag and kelly bag, I still can’t buy my favorite type and color that I want .SA in the store often leaves these popular products to a small number of customers, and even though I have seen my beloved birkin in the store, they still refuse to sell to me.

What makes the situation even worse is the swarm of Chinese buyers in recent years. Their frantic purchases have not only made the Hermès classics iconic products with very limited production more scarce, but have also directly pushed up the price of the second-hand resale market. For example, the good condition mini kelly price is often sold for more than $20,000 dollars in the second-hand market .

I respect Hermès' standards but the market has become so ridiculous and I feel very disappointed.

By chance, I saw a Hermès birkin bought by my friend, she told me that it was a replica which bought from an online workshop. It was from a Chinese leather workshop, here is the link HCraftsman. The people of this workshop claim that the raw materials came from the same leather suppliers as Hermès. So she tried to buy one to see what happen. After one week we got the bag. What surprised me and my friend is that this birkin is exactly the same as the one we bought from Hermès stores, from the softness of leather, texture, color, hardware, and stitching. No significant difference was found in the level of technology. I make up my mind to buy my first Hermes replica in my life. I have never bought a replica before, so this is a very anxious and worrying thing, and this supplier is locate in another end of the world, the price of their products is not cheap. But I want to say that after I received my first birkin bag copy from them, all my worries and doubts were superfluous, it was perfect! !! PURE PERFECT! It is incredibly surprised me that how they make it so perfect and almost 100% identical to the real one ? That’s amazing! When I Putting it next to my other birkins from the hermes store, I couldn't tell which was genuine and which was a copy. I even carried it to the Hermès store to pick a silk twilly for it , and everyone in the store was amazed by it and no body notice it is a copy.

Honestly, this is really a very good deal. I have the bag for only one-tenth of the price of real one. There is no need to wait long and buy accessories that are not necessary. I only waited a week and got this birkin. So happy! I've purchased more than 10 bags from them and all perfect! Really really high quality.

I want to say that they are serious birkin bag artisans. They accept customers to customize products . Just like in the Hermès store, all kinds of leather and colors can be customized, only take 15-20 days for the whole production. Of course, their price is not cheap compared to other replicas on the market, but I think it is worth the money! Because they use very high-quality leather imported from Europe and hand-sewing the bag like what hermes does, this is why it is very time consuming and expensive. So, if you are looking for high-quality Hermes replicas, and if you are not very price sensitive, I suggest you talk to them and you wouldn’t be disappointed. If you are also a Hermes fans, you can email me at: Jebichudakarahin43@gmail.com or chat with me via whatsapp: +12603378902 . I can tell you about my purchase experience and share more pictures of my birkin. See ya! : -)